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What’s the difference between royal jelly and honey?

It can be easy to become confused by the differences between royal jelly and honey – after all, both of them originate from beehives, even if the reasons for bees producing them greatly differ.

Royal jelly and honey both bring real health and wellbeing benefits to humans, but aren’t produced solely for our benefit. That’s because both are crucial to bee survival, with honey being a vital source of energy for worker bees, while royal jelly is the principal food for the queen of the colony.

How are the two substances made and used?

Honey is a by-product of the nectar that worker bees collect, with all adult bees except the queen consuming it. Royal jelly, meanwhile, is a rich, nutritional substance that is secreted by worker bees and fed to all bee larvae. The larva selected to become the queen bee is fed a particularly great amount of the substance, and it remains her sole source of nutrition for her entire lifetime.

Royal jelly comes from young worker bees’ hypopharyngeal glands, and mainly contains water, amino acids, simple sugars and fatty acids, together with trace minerals, enzymes, antibacterial and antibiotic components. It also has trace amounts of vitamin C.

Honey, meanwhile, is a sugar product generally consisting of the two simple sugars of levulose and dextrose in water. It is created by bees’ regurgitation and rehydration of collected nectar, which is done with the enzyme invertase. Various amino acids can be found in honey, including the eight amino acids crucial for human growth and development.

Make the right choice of royal jelly UK suppliers

It would be almost impossible to list all of the proven and speculated health benefits of royal jelly and honey. Each has its strengths, with honey, for example, known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties for sore throats and skin abrasions.

However, royal jelly offers a vast range of benefits of its own, encompassing such areas as wound healing, fertility, inflammation, cancer prevention, blood sugar stabilisation and many more.

All of the above gives you plenty of reason to investigate leading royal jelly UK suppliers like ourselves here at Diana Royal Jelly! With our own royal jelly available in pure and fresh, capsule and even face mask form, by investing in some today, you could be going a long way to improving your wellbeing in 2017.

It’s known to significantly extend a bee’s lifespan – so what can our Organic Fresh Royal Jelly do for you?

If you have never before tried organic fresh royal jelly like that offered under the Diana Royal Jelly brand, you may have principally come to associate it with the queen bee to which it brings considerable benefits.

Indeed, not only does royal jelly boost a bee’s lifespan from seven weeks to seven years, but it also transforms that bee from an ordinary worker into the queen of the hive – which may just beg the question, what can royal jelly do for you?

What’s great for the queen bee can be great for you, too

The answer to that question was recently extensively explored in an article featuring our product in At Home magazine’s Ask the Doctor publication. The piece gave invaluable insight to readers on how something that might have been widely presumed to only be relevant to the world of bees really can help them to live better, healthier and happier.

You may not have been aware yourself, for example, that the queen bee weighs twice as much as a worker bee and is highly fertile and sexually active, laying as many as 2,000 eggs per day and continuing to prolifically reproduce throughout her life.

Worker bees produce the remarkable substance known as royal jelly exclusively for the queen bee’s nourishment, although in practice, it isn’t only her who stands to benefit from its incredible health effects.

Order Diana Royal Jelly to see astounding advantages for your health

It has long fascinated scientific researchers that a queen bee could be so potent, sexually prolific and long-lived compared to a worker bee, despite being genetically identical – indeed, the only difference is that the prospective ‘queen’ is fed royal jelly, leading to her dramatic transformation.

It might not therefore greatly surprise you to learn that for humans, organic fresh royal jelly can bring such wide-ranging benefits as greater youthfulness, vitality, immunity, sexual performance, stamina and all-round health and wellness.

In short, if you are looking for perhaps the closest thing to a ‘miracle’ health product on the market today – something that truly nourishes the entire body, with often dramatic and intense effects – there’s no need to do anything else other than order our own Diana Royal Jelly today.

Why not take a look around our online store now to see the broad range of forms of organic fresh royal jelly that we are so proud to offer?

5 benefits of royal jelly that you might not have considered

The wonders of royal jelly are more wide-ranging than even many of its users realise.

Here are just five of its advantages that you may not have been aware of, and which you can tap into whether you purchase our ultra-potent royal jelly 1000mg capsules our organic fresh royal jelly or any of the broad range of other appealing options in the current Diana Royal Jelly product range.

1. Cancer prevention

While many things have been claimed to help prevent cancer, Diana Royal Jelly actually does, given that it is a storehouse of antioxidants, which are so vital for minimising cancer risk. Among its related benefits is the inhibition of the effects of environmental oestrogen Bisphenol A, while it also combats the symptoms of breast cancer.

2. Hair conditioning

Yes, royal jelly really can be a marvellous hair conditioner. It beautifully moisturises the hair follicles, leaving them nourished from the root to the tip.

3. Nail conditioning

If, like most women, you aspire to nails that look clean and gorgeous, you might want to make some time for a home-based manicure with royal jelly.

All that you have to do is mix some of it with apple cider vinegar, followed by applying it all over your nails and cuticles and leaving it for 10 minutes before washing it off with cold water. Give it a week, and you will be amazed by how dazzling your nails look.

4. The treatment of dark circles

So many of us end up with dark circles under our eyes these days due to too much time spent burning the proverbial ‘midnight oil’, but you might not have realised what a great remedy royal jelly can be.

It’s as straightforward a process as taking two teaspoons of royal jelly and applying it all over the dark circles, leaving 20 minutes and then washing it off. Another option is to mix some almond oil with the royal jelly and let it stay for 15 minutes before, again, washing it off.

5. Blood pressure regulation

Royal jelly seems to be a great choice of product for heart health, not least because it contains Hydrolysate proteins that can be instrumental in regulating blood pressure levels. Indeed, royal jelly has a great reputation for effectively controlling cardiovascular conditions.

Is now the time for you to invest in some Diana Royal Jelly to start feeling many of these, and even more of the benefits that are strongly associated with royal jelly? We think so, and it couldn’t be easier when you do so via our complete and well-stocked online store.

Royal jelly’s role in boosting male potency and virility

We have previously detailed here on the Diana Royal Jelly blog the wide range of potential benefits of royal jelly for health, but one subject that we haven’t greatly touched on yet is that of male virility or potency.

The strength, energy and sex drive that are synonymous with manliness are characteristics sadly lacking in many of today’s men.

We therefore thought we would provide a few reminders of the various royal jelly fertility and virility benefits – whether you are a man concerned about this aspect of your health or you are purchasing for a special man in your life.

The astounding association between royal jelly and reproductive health

When it comes to discussions of royal jelly fertility, it is often women who are referenced rather than men – but in truth, both genders can experience a stronger sex drive and better all-round reproductive health as a result of the use of royal jelly.

Herbalists have long recommended royal jelly to women experiencing menopause, menstruation and fertility problems, but also to men eager to boost their sex drive, stamina and sperm count.

Even the very name of royal jelly derives from the fact that it is made primarily for the queen bee by nursing bees. Indeed, it is royal jelly that has long been deemed responsible for the remarkable lifespan and reproductive powers of the queen bee, which can live up to 40 times longer than worker bees while also laying an average of 2,000 eggs daily.

It isn’t just bees that benefit from royal jelly

Given the aforementioned effects, it is perhaps unsurprising that royal jelly has been found to have incredible energising and reproductive benefits for humans, with the Chinese having long used it to boost fertility and maximise lifespan.

Royal jelly is widely believed to balance hormones and heighten energy, with these effects helping to maximise male sex drive, stamina and sperm count.

When shopping for royal jelly, choose only Diana Royal Jelly

In an era in which, according to the Daily Mail, a third of Brits have declared sex to be a “chore” due to feeling too tired, stressed and unattractive, royal jelly’s qualities in this area have clearly never been more important.

When you are therefore seeking the maximum royal jelly fertility benefits, why accept anything less than the very best royal jelly products?

Not only does Diana Royal Jelly come in various forms, including pure and fresh royal jelly and soft gel capsules, it is also available right here, right now from our complete online store.
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