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3 ways royal jelly could give you healthier-looking skin

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In a world that is so crowded with outlandish claims about one new hyped-up beauty product after another, it’s not greatly surprising that so many of us might wish to go ‘back to nature’ with how we approach our beauty regimens.

The great news is that royal jelly has a vast range of well-documented benefits for our skin, and that is no less the case for our own exceptional and proven Diana Royal Jelly product.

Here are just three benefits that you can expect when you buy royal jelly 600mg capsules from us.

1. It slows skin ageing

The older you become, the less efficient your skin’s cell renewal process also becomes. Tissue repair and cell regeneration aren’t as fast when you’re older as they once were, and there is also a decline in the amount of natural moisture held in the skin.

The good news is that anything that boosts collagen production should also help to slow down the ageing process.

This is certainly something that can be said of royal jelly, given that it contains minerals such as silicon that are associated with heightened collagen production, as well as specific antioxidants and nutrients that are instrumental in skin renewal, including flavonoids, enzymes, hormones, nucleic acid and decanoic acid.

2. It guards against sun ageing

While it is well-known that sun exposure is vital for skin health, it is no less well-known that too much sun has a detrimental effect.

Scientists who decided to test the claims often made about royal jelly and its effectiveness in protecting the skin found that cells treated with royal jelly that were then given a sunburn had increased procollagen type I production.

This indicated that royal jelly was beneficial in causing an increase in the production of new, healthy skin cells.

3. It could help to heal wounds

The immunity-boosting and antibacterial properties of royal jelly should be good things for wound healing. It has been noted that the protein royalisin, for example, together with a complex of other proteins known as major royal jelly proteins, enable bees to fight bacteria, allergies and other natural illnesses.

While the scientific evidence for royal jelly’s positive effects on wound healing are still being built up, several encouraging studies have already been done on this subject. One study, for instance, found that royal jelly dressing may be effective for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers.

Could you possibly require any more compelling reasons to buy royal jelly 600mg capsules from a reputable brand like Diana Royal Jelly when you are looking to firm up your beauty routine, the natural way? Don’t hesitate to place your order now at our complete online store.
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