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Why royal jelly is also such a great product for men

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In so many discussions of the undoubted benefits of royal jelly for human health, the focus seems to be principally on areas that are widely regarded to be of most concern to women, including hormonal regulation, skincare and fertility.

So rarely in some quarters are the advantages of taking royal jelly for men talked about, that many men mistakenly see it as a ‘women’s health supplement’.

Why, then, should men look to royal jelly as a way to enhance their all-round vitality and health?

Royal jelly may be a widely underrated male supplement

For a sense of just how relevant royal jelly could be to your own health as a man or that of a certain special man in your life, just consider the potential benefits when you buy royal jelly in 1000mg tonic like those that Diana Royal Jelly offers.

This strong-selling option in our wide-ranging product selection gives you 10 vials in each box, and enables you to get so much more out of your exercise routine, thanks to the ultra-potent combination of fresh organic royal jelly with the likes of guarana, damiana, ginseng and pollen.

When taken an hour prior to intense physical activity, the results are incredible. You’ll feel so much more energetic and so much greater wellbeing, and your physical or sporting performance will certainly be better, too.

Such extremely powerful benefits are no less so in men than they are in women, and yet, they can be overlooked due to a certain persistent perception that royal jelly is only really for women.

What is good for the woman is often just as good for the man

Royal jelly certainly offers various benefits of specific relevance to men. It could significantly aid your performance in the bedroom, for example, given its association with heightened libido, sexual drive and active sperm count.

Another widely recognised plus point of royal jelly is that it is high in amino acids, which are useful for muscle building and training – indeed, they appear to be the key ingredient in all manner of dedicated training and bodybuilding supplements.

However, it can also be said that royal jelly simply offers a wide range of health benefits that both men and women should not ignore – including in relation to the hair, skin and nails.

Invest in potent and fresh royal jelly from us now

All of the above should provide you with no shortage of ‘food for thought’ when you are next considering the many products out there that could enhance your health and wellbeing as a man.

Buy royal jelly in 1000mg form today from the Diana Royal Jelly brand, and we are very confident that you will have no regrets about using a supplement with such legendarily all-encompassing advantages for your health!

What’s the difference between royal jelly and honey?

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It can be easy to become confused by the differences between royal jelly and honey – after all, both of them originate from beehives, even if the reasons for bees producing them greatly differ.

Royal jelly and honey both bring real health and wellbeing benefits to humans, but aren’t produced solely for our benefit. That’s because both are crucial to bee survival, with honey being a vital source of energy for worker bees, while royal jelly is the principal food for the queen of the colony.

How are the two substances made and used?

Honey is a by-product of the nectar that worker bees collect, with all adult bees except the queen consuming it. Royal jelly, meanwhile, is a rich, nutritional substance that is secreted by worker bees and fed to all bee larvae. The larva selected to become the queen bee is fed a particularly great amount of the substance, and it remains her sole source of nutrition for her entire lifetime.

Royal jelly comes from young worker bees’ hypopharyngeal glands, and mainly contains water, amino acids, simple sugars and fatty acids, together with trace minerals, enzymes, antibacterial and antibiotic components. It also has trace amounts of vitamin C.

Honey, meanwhile, is a sugar product generally consisting of the two simple sugars of levulose and dextrose in water. It is created by bees’ regurgitation and rehydration of collected nectar, which is done with the enzyme invertase. Various amino acids can be found in honey, including the eight amino acids crucial for human growth and development.

Make the right choice of royal jelly UK suppliers

It would be almost impossible to list all of the proven and speculated health benefits of royal jelly and honey. Each has its strengths, with honey, for example, known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties for sore throats and skin abrasions.

However, royal jelly offers a vast range of benefits of its own, encompassing such areas as wound healing, fertility, inflammation, cancer prevention, blood sugar stabilisation and many more.

All of the above gives you plenty of reason to investigate leading royal jelly UK suppliers like ourselves here at Diana Royal Jelly! With our own royal jelly available in pure and fresh, capsule and even face mask form, by investing in some today, you could be going a long way to improving your wellbeing in 2017.
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