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It’s known to significantly extend a bee’s lifespan – so what can our Organic Fresh Royal Jelly do for you?

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If you have never before tried organic fresh royal jelly like that offered under the Diana Royal Jelly brand, you may have principally come to associate it with the queen bee to which it brings considerable benefits.

Indeed, not only does royal jelly boost a bee’s lifespan from seven weeks to seven years, but it also transforms that bee from an ordinary worker into the queen of the hive – which may just beg the question, what can royal jelly do for you?

What’s great for the queen bee can be great for you, too

The answer to that question was recently extensively explored in an article featuring our product in At Home magazine’s Ask the Doctor publication. The piece gave invaluable insight to readers on how something that might have been widely presumed to only be relevant to the world of bees really can help them to live better, healthier and happier.

You may not have been aware yourself, for example, that the queen bee weighs twice as much as a worker bee and is highly fertile and sexually active, laying as many as 2,000 eggs per day and continuing to prolifically reproduce throughout her life.

Worker bees produce the remarkable substance known as royal jelly exclusively for the queen bee’s nourishment, although in practice, it isn’t only her who stands to benefit from its incredible health effects.

Order Diana Royal Jelly to see astounding advantages for your health

It has long fascinated scientific researchers that a queen bee could be so potent, sexually prolific and long-lived compared to a worker bee, despite being genetically identical – indeed, the only difference is that the prospective ‘queen’ is fed royal jelly, leading to her dramatic transformation.

It might not therefore greatly surprise you to learn that for humans, organic fresh royal jelly can bring such wide-ranging benefits as greater youthfulness, vitality, immunity, sexual performance, stamina and all-round health and wellness.

In short, if you are looking for perhaps the closest thing to a ‘miracle’ health product on the market today – something that truly nourishes the entire body, with often dramatic and intense effects – there’s no need to do anything else other than order our own Diana Royal Jelly today.

Why not take a look around our online store now to see the broad range of forms of organic fresh royal jelly that we are so proud to offer?
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