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Make your Christmas merrier with Diana Royal Jelly

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The fast approaching holiday season means only one thing – chocolates, cakes and lots of sweets! Hurray! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little indulgence but this makes taking our Diana Fresh Organic Royal Jelly even more important as you won’t want to lose out on your health.

With the winter months setting in, keeping up with a health regimen may seem a little arduous. Luckily, this is where Diana Fresh Organic Royal Jelly comes in to help boost our wellbeing.

We have formulated our Diana Royal Jelly in three forms - capsules, vials and jars – so you are able to choose which suits your lifestyle best.

Should you find yourself unsure which one to choose for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, see our buying guide below:


Our Fresh Organic Diana Royal Jelly 600mg capsules are perfect for your everyday dose of vitamins and minerals.


Our ultra-potent liquid vials of 1000mg Fresh Organic Diana Royal Jelly are ideal for those days when you need that extra boost for physical or mental performance. These can be taken along with our capsules.


Our pride and joy. Our Pure Diana Royal Jelly has been harvested in the most unique manner allowing it stay as fresh as it was when it’s picked so each spoonful tastes as though you are eating straight from the hive. Due to their unmatched freshness, these jars need to be refrigerated at all times to help preserve all the goodness within.

You can opt to take our royal jelly in just one form, or all three. Whichever you select, you will enjoy enormous health benefits from the inside out. Some of these health benefits include lowered blood pressure, better balanced cholesterol levels, increase in metabolism and improved immune system responses. Our royal jelly also improves the condition of skin, hair and nails.

The gift of giving

We believe our Diana Royal Jelly is the best secret weapon to a better you. Become your very own version of the wise men of Christmas and give a gift of our three fantastic products to your loved ones.

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