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Looking for a great health-boosting Christmas gift? Diana Royal Jelly does it all

There’s been an increasing trend in recent years of people across the UK looking to do something a bit different with their Christmas present-buying for their loved ones.

We’re talking, of course, about the ever-growing tendency towards healthier food gifts, enabling the recipient to try out something new that might just become a staple of their diet.

But why should royal jelly be that food or supplement?

First of all, what is royal jelly?

If you like to take inspiration from nature when seeking out dietary products, you’ll love royal jelly. It’s a creamy white substance secreted by honey bees, which is fed exclusively to queen larvae and adult queen bees throughout their lifetimes.

You might think that for such a food produced solely by honey bees to be fed solely to the bee larvae that are destined to become queens, it has to be pretty special – and you’d be right.

Royal jelly is quite a complex compound, consisting of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, lipids and folic acid – but what you really need to know about it, is the extraordinary benefits for human health.

Could its benefits really be so amazing?

Well, you only have to look through many of the studies that have been conducted into royal jelly’s effects to see for yourself.

Did you know, that Royal Jelly has long been used as a cosmetic product? To such an extent that many of the leading cosmetic products contain royal jelly? If you’re looking to buy your friend or relative something that’ll make them both look and feel great this Christmas and New Year, instead of buying that latest overhyped beauty product, you might as well take them straight to the (natural) source of goodness.

Speaking of Christmas, the wintry conditions of this time of year can certainly put many of our immune systems under pressure. Your recipient may therefore be delighted to learn that royal jelly contains gamma globulins that could help boost their immunity at precisely the time they need it most.

Or what about the key reason the queen bee larvae are fed royal jelly in the first place – so that they develop into sexually mature queen bees, rather than worker bees that lack the queen bee’s full reproductive capacity? Yes, you’re probably following what we’re thinking: royal jelly can greatly improve human fertility, too.

Buy royal jelly in the UK from a truly leading brand

So now that you know about so many of the great reasons to purchase royal jelly as a gift for your loved one this year, why should you choose Diana Royal Jelly over other royal jelly brands? That’s an easy question to answer: no royal jelly is harvested to the high standards that Diana Royal Jelly is, with its organic certification and incredible potency.

While you may see a lot of royal jelly that has been ‘freeze-dried’ or lyophilised in an attempt to preserve its freshness, our royal jelly has been painstakingly preserved in its original, natural and fresh liquid form, even within our capsules.

It all means that when you wish to buy royal jelly in the UK, nothing packs in the freshness and impact that our royal jelly does; whether that be our capsules, vials or fresh and pure royal jelly.

Invest in yours today in our online store, and you’ll soon be able to give your friend or relative the benefit of what has been honestly described as a near-miracle product for human health.

Make your Christmas merrier with Diana Royal Jelly

The fast approaching holiday season means only one thing – chocolates, cakes and lots of sweets! Hurray! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little indulgence but this makes taking our Diana Fresh Organic Royal Jelly even more important as you won’t want to lose out on your health.

With the winter months setting in, keeping up with a health regimen may seem a little arduous. Luckily, this is where Diana Fresh Organic Royal Jelly comes in to help boost our wellbeing.

We have formulated our Diana Royal Jelly in three forms - capsules, vials and jars – so you are able to choose which suits your lifestyle best.

Should you find yourself unsure which one to choose for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, see our buying guide below:


Our Fresh Organic Diana Royal Jelly 600mg capsules are perfect for your everyday dose of vitamins and minerals.


Our ultra-potent liquid vials of 1000mg Fresh Organic Diana Royal Jelly are ideal for those days when you need that extra boost for physical or mental performance. These can be taken along with our capsules.


Our pride and joy. Our Pure Diana Royal Jelly has been harvested in the most unique manner allowing it stay as fresh as it was when it’s picked so each spoonful tastes as though you are eating straight from the hive. Due to their unmatched freshness, these jars need to be refrigerated at all times to help preserve all the goodness within.

You can opt to take our royal jelly in just one form, or all three. Whichever you select, you will enjoy enormous health benefits from the inside out. Some of these health benefits include lowered blood pressure, better balanced cholesterol levels, increase in metabolism and improved immune system responses. Our royal jelly also improves the condition of skin, hair and nails.

The gift of giving

We believe our Diana Royal Jelly is the best secret weapon to a better you. Become your very own version of the wise men of Christmas and give a gift of our three fantastic products to your loved ones.

Enjoy a healthier Christmas and New Year with the best royal jelly in the UK

The last few months of the year are, let’s face it, full of perils for human health. It’s a period when so many of us are tempted to overindulge on the sherries and chocolates, putting off any thought of what’s ‘good for us’ until January... when we might then sign up for the gym membership that we never use.

If you aren’t careful, the Christmas period could kick-start a vicious style of unhealthy habits begetting unhealthy habits. So why not do things another way this year, by taking no less than the best royal jelly in the UK – Diana Royal Jelly – or even purchasing it as a gift for your loved ones?

So, what’s all the fuss about with royal jelly?

The milky-white honeybee secretion known as royal jelly has long been observed to have incredible benefits for men and women, young and old alike, for not only specific areas of the body such as the hair, nails and skin, but also for all-round fertility and wellbeing.

Royal jelly can be consumed as part of your diet or even applied to your scalp, but whichever way you use it, one thing is for sure: you will be so much more thankful for having done so than you ever will for having eaten that entire box of leftover chocolates on Boxing Day!

Royal jelly – it’s not far away from being a ‘miracle’ product

If you have never before been told about the astonishing benefits of royal jelly for your health or that of your friends or family members, prepare to be surprised.

You may not be aware of how brilliant it is for slowing down skin ageing, for example, which might make it a brilliant alternative Christmas gift to the usual face creams or other cosmetic products that frequently contain royal jelly.

By increasing the moisture content of their skin with the both internal and external use of royal jelly, your recipient can help to keep their skin both looking and feeling younger.

Alternatively, you may be interested in taking royal jelly to reduce festive-season stress, its effectiveness at this attributable to the fair amount of inositol that it contains; this chemical compound is instrumental in the regulation of your body’s adrenaline and endorphin levels, which in turn helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

There are a lot of other reasons why royal jelly may be a great addition to your daily routine or that of your loved ones this Christmas. They range from the gamma globulins that it contains and which can assist in enhancing immune system health amid the harsh conditions of winter, right through to its effectiveness in boosting metabolism and burning body fat.

The latter might be very handy indeed, given the pounds that can be piled on as a result of the ‘typical’ festive diet!

All of the power of royal jelly, brilliantly harnessed

But the aforementioned are more general benefits of royal jelly; when you want to feel those benefits to the maximum this Christmas and New Year, why look any further than the royal jelly that has been harvested from only the very best sources, and is actually organic-certified?

The better the freshness of your chosen royal jelly has been preserved, the more effective it will be in making you feel healthier, more energetic, more fertile... in short, a whole new you.

This is precisely why so many people choose Diana Royal Jelly, which is available in capsules – not to be confused with the ‘freeze-dried’ or lyophilised capsules of other brands – that uniquely and painstakingly preserve royal jelly in its natural, original and most powerful form.

What’s more, we have made the most of the potential that this remarkable encapsulation of royal jelly’s finest qualities gives us, by producing a range of royal jelly products of a variety that you simply cannot expect to find being offered by any other brand. That means plenty of options for amazing royal jelly gifts!

Whether you are looking for fresh and organic royal jelly capsules to be taken one capsule a morning with water, and which also come with a perfect balance of wheatgerm oil and beeswax, or instead something like our 200mg vege caps that provide an especially intensifying health boost, you’ll find an assortment of brilliant options right now in the Diana Royal Jelly online store.

It all means that when you are seeking the perfect supplement to boost your or your loved ones’ wellbeing, fertility, hair, nail and skin health this Yuletide and into 2018, Diana Royal Jelly should be your only choice.

Shop online with us now , or look up your nearest stockist for what is perhaps as close as any other supplement on sale today to a true ‘miracle product’ for all-round health.

Amazing benefits of Diana Royal Jelly for healthy hair

When we decide to take health supplements, we do so largely to make improvements in how we feel. But when there are added benefits, those we wouldn’t necessarily realise, it motivates us to keep them in our health regimens.

Our hair is very sensitive and reacts to many factors, from stress through to the use of harsh chemicals and hot styling tools leaving our hair looking dull, dry and unhealthy. In some instances, we may even experience hair loss. In order to counteract these unwanted side effects, we turn to products on the market once again with promises of rejuvenating our hair back to having thick, luscious hair.

These products may provide a temporary and expensive fix, but they won’t treat the hair. Having said this, there is one remedy – Diana Fresh Organic Royal Jelly.

So what can Diana Royal Jelly do for your hair?

1) Preserve moisture and eradicate dry looking hair

The primary cause of dry hair is blocked hair follicles. Dry hair will not only look unhealthy but due to the lack of moisture, it will easily break too.

Our Diana Fresh Organic Royal is abundant in essential nutrients necessary to replenish hair with moisture and hydration, thereby eliminating any dryness or dullness. It also contains amino acids and protein within those same nutrients which can reverse the effect of damaged hair, restoring its natural health. This also includes hair becoming stronger due to the hydration and making it much more resistant to breaking.

Whether you choose to directly apply Diana Royal Jelly to your hair or take our capsules, it will enable hair follicles to open up thus allowing your hair to absorb even more of its hugely beneficial minerals. In some cases, individuals have reported their hair becoming thicker too!

2) Putting a stop to hair loss

As well as helping to preserve the hair you already have, Diana Royal Jelly can help to slow down, prevent and even reverse ongoing hair loss.

This is due to Diana Royal Jelly containing a vitamin of the B complex known as Biotin. Biotin plays an instrumental part in the production of Keratin - a fibrous protein crucial for hair production. Those of us suffering from hair loss will usually be Keratin deficient which is why Diana Royal Jelly comes highly recommended in order to aid its production.

3) Say yes to no more dandruff

Dandruff is usually caused by dry skin. Previously we tackled dry looking hair but how do we treat dryness of the scalp? The answer is simple – use our Diana Royal Jelly as a hair mask. Alternatively, you can use our Diana Royal Jelly as a conditioner. We are sure you are now aware of the moisturising properties of royal jelly, and this is precisely how dandruff is eliminated. By providing your scalp with that added moisture and hydration, your scalp will never let it snow again.

Choose Diana Fresh Organic Jelly for your dream hair

Lack of hydration and moisture are the causes of the majority of hair related issues. So it makes sense to apply one of the most (naturally occurring) hydrating substances to our hair to tackle any problems.

You can not only use our Diana Fresh Organic Royal Jelly as a topical treatment to nourish your hair as an intense treatment, but you can also opt to take our concentrated capsules which will treat concerns such as hair loss from the inside out.

Free from any harmful and synthesised chemicals, you will be able to see a considerable difference to the health of your hair from the first use. With regular use, we are confident Diana Fresh Organic Royal Jelly is the way forward to having soft and healthy looking hair.

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