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How royal jelly could help you to boost your fertility

While you have probably already heard of various "superfoods" that can demonstrably help with improving fertility, you have good reason to pay particularly strong attention to royal jelly. This substance, secreted by nurse worker bees, is used for creating a queen bee for procreation and feeding honey bee larvae. Furthermore, beneficially for you, royal jelly is packed with nutrients. Royal jelly has many powerful nutrients The nutrients in royal jelly include amino acids, 10-hydroxydecenoic acid (10-HDA), sugars, lipids, proteins, iron, calcium and vitamins A, B complex, C, D and E. This is a broad range of nutrients that can be vital for good health and properly functioning organs - and royal jelly goes into bee larva during their first three days of development. In fact, one larva, which will become the queen bee, is fed nothing but royal jelly for its whole life. This sustenance helps the queen bee to fully develop the ovaries that she will rely on for making the millions of eggs she lays in her lifetime. While a worker bee not so well-served by royal jelly has a life expectancy of just 30-45 days, the queen bee will live for five to six years. She will also be very reproductive, laying about 250,000 eggs each season and possibly up to 2,000 eggs daily in peak season. The highly nutritional value of royal jelly could play a big part in this. How humans can benefit, too Still, why should a human seeking to improve their fertility consider consuming royal jelly? One big reason is that high-quality royal jelly can demonstrably help to balance hormones. It does this by supporting the endocrine system - and it means that royal jelly may help with rectifying fertility issues that have come about due to hormonal imbalance. Plus, a Japan-based study published in 2007 revealed that royal jelly can mimic human oestrogen - and oestrogen is highly beneficial to menstrual cycle health. The study also indicated that royal jelly might be capable of increasing the size of uterine cells, which could bode well for women whose uterine muscles are weak as a result of long-term use of hormonal birth control. However, you should remember to choose organic fresh royal jelly, like that available from our stock, for not only your health, but also that of bees; they could be harmed by inorganic bee-keeping practices. Simply browse our online shop now to discover the full range of appealing organic fresh royal jelly that we can offer.

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